Current Network Issues

Date Details
19 June 2021 Approx 2 Hour Power Outage Moeyan Hill 0800-1000. Repaired by Endevour Energy.
17-18 April 2021 The first stage of a significant network upgrade to the Shoalhaven Wireless network commenced on this weekend, with the replacement of core routers and one of the key backhaul links. Further work will continue over the next two weeks to provide GigaBit capacity at the Towers.
10-12 April 2021 Dos attack from a Moscow address caused significent issues with mail retrieval. Changes were made to restore service reliability. All mail was secure during this time.
22 March 2021 20:30 Nowra Hill An outage has occurred due to a Radio failure, which is effecting customers East of the tower. The system will be off line tonight, with repairs commencing at first light on Tuesday 23 March.
Update 06:51 23 March - Fault remediated - Customers' services are now being restored.
19 February 2021 Moeyan Hill Outage 19 February 2021 An outage occurred starting at 08:07PM. The fault was traced to cable damage from visiting white birds. The cable was replaced and the link became operational at 09:50 PM.
18 February 2021 Update 09:21 - Fibre Outage affecting NSW VIC and Qld. Dan's Covid team ??
Update 10:34AM : Fault isolated to a core device on the Optus Corporate fibre network. Investigations are still underway to determine the root cause.
No estimated time of resolution can be provided yet.
Update 12:21 Fault remediated - Customers' services are now being restored.