Shoalhaven Internet Services

Shoalhaven Internet Services
11/ 47-53 Kinghorn Street
Nowra NSW 2541

Important Binding Conditions of Use: Issued 16 May 1997

Your use of Shoalhaven Internet’s services will be subject to the following terms and conditions. Please read these terms and conditions before using the service. If you are unable to comply, please contact us in writing. In this case if a new member, joining fees will be refunded, or if a current user the account can be closed on payment of any monies owing.

Cancellation of account must be in writing. Shoalhaven Internet will confirm that the account has been closed, and the final outstanding balance; including any usage fees incurred between notice of cancellation and the termination of access within seven working days of receipt of your written notice.

Notice of any variation of login ID, requests for suspension of accounts, and requests for redirection, notices of change of address, and variations of credit card deduction authorities must be in writing.


  1. A Shoalhaven Internet User is any person who is granted access to Shoalhaven Internet’s services, as the registered holder of a Shoalhaven Internet account or User Identification
  2. As a User you are able to gain access through your" User Identification" ( or "User ID" or "mailbox ID" ) and password.
  3. A contract giving you the right to use the service under your registered User ID, and binding you to these terms and conditions commences with your first use of Shoalhaven Internet. It continues until the end of the month in which it commences, and a new separate contract on these terms automatically starts for each month in which the User remains able to access Shoalhaven Internet.
  4. Shoalhaven Internet will be deemed the "carrier", not the publisher of information entered onto the service or accessed from the service by any User.
  5. Current charges for use of Shoalhaven Internet have been outlined.
  6. Shoalhaven Internet may notify you of any new conditions to apply from a time not earlier than the 1st day of the month commencing after the notice. In that case you may withdraw before the new conditions apply. If you do not then you will be bound by them.
  7. These conditions are governed by the law of NSW.

Shoalhaven Internet’s rights and obligations to its users:

1. Shoalhaven Internet will endeavour to make its on-line services available 24 hrs each day, 7 days each week, except for the time required for normal maintenance of hardware and software. We will endeavour to rectify faults in as short a time as possible.

2. Shoalhaven Internet accepts no liability for any loss or damage incurred in any way through the use or failure of Shoalhaven Internets’ services.

3. Shoalhaven Internet makes no warranty concerning the provision of its services or the accuracy or usefulness of information carried on the net.Shoalhaven Internet excludes all implied conditions and warranties except where to do so would contravene any statute or cause any part of this clause to be void. In such a case, if by law it is permitted to do so, its liability for breach is limited, to refunding the price of services supplied during the month in which the breach takes place.

4. If you consider that information placed on Shoalhaven Internet is illegal or defamatory, you may complain in writing. We may then at our discretion request a User to remove information, if that information was placed there in a manner contrary to conditions of use, or in a manner which is illegal or likely to threaten the continued operation of any of the Shoalhaven Internet services. Shoalhaven Internet takes no other editorial responsibility in respect of material on its net.

5. Shoalhaven Internet may terminate access by any User who:

1. Breaches Terms and conditions in any way

2. uses the net in any way which in its opinion breaches civil or criminal laws

3. acts in any way likely to threaten the continued operation of any of our services; or

4. exceeds credit terms as advised from time to time

6. Shoalhaven Internet may make any changes to the net interface or functionality, and restructure or reclassify information carried by the net in any way which it believes may maintain or improve the quality of the service.

Shoalhaven Internet may at any time, by notice which may be given electronically or in writing alter the price structure with effect from the first day of the month after the notice, or from a determined later date. If you do not agree to pay those charges, you may withdraw in writing prior to the commencement of the new charges

Users rights and obligations

1. As the User you are solely responsible for

1. Any material entered onto the net through use of your User ID
2. Any Shoalhaven Internet charges incurred through the use of your User ID
3. Breaches of these conditions resulting directly or indirectly from the use of your User ID; and
4. Breaches of civil or criminal laws resulting directly or indirectly from the use of your User ID

2. A person under 18 years of age may not apply for or be granted a credit account

3.Users may redistribute any information obtained from the net, so long as that redistribution:

1. does not breach copyright, defamation, obscenity, or other laws
2. is not prohibited by a User pursuant to clause 4 or its equivalent
3. is accompanied by an acknowledgement to the original source.
4. is non-commercial and not for profit; and
5.limits redistribution in the manner set out in this clause

4.Users consent to the redistribution of any material they place on the net, unless a specific notice reserving copyright or imposing other conditions on the further use of that material is attached to it. Users warrant that redistribution of such information by other Users does not breach copyright, defamation, or obscenity laws.

5. Defamation, obscenity, sexual harassment, racial discrimination and vilification laws apply to your conduct on Shoalhaven.Net or the Internet. In addition you must abide by Shoalhaven Internets’ policies regarding appropriate use of specific information areas or services within the net.

1. postings to conferences should be appropriate to the functions of those conferences
2.normal standards of personal conduct (courtesy, language, ethics etc) should be adhered to.
3. sending of unsolicited mail, messages, images, or material should be avoided; and
4. unwelcome harassment of other net Users is not acceptable.

WARNING: It is possible that material encountered on the Internet may offend you.

6. You will indemnify Shoalhaven Internet for any liability incurred as a result of violation of copyright, misleading, defamatory or obscene information placed onto the net, or illegal activities conducted through the use of your User ID.

7.You must pay all fees charged by Shoalhaven Internet for usage and service attributed to your User ID within 14 days of date of invoice.