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Andrew McLennan

Andrew McLennan was born in 1940. Producer, ABC Radio Drama and Features, 1972. Founding Producer/presenter ABC FM, ABC's first FM radio station, 1976-80. Producer/presenter 360 Degree Shift and Scratching the Surface, first experimental audio and music programs of ABC FM. Executive Producer of ABC Radio Arts Unit programs Point Taken, Artful Dodger and Surface Tension, 1984. Executive Producer/presenter/founding member of The Listening Room, a program of radio performance art, features, documentaries, audio essays and acoustic art, 1988. Prix Italia entries: The Song Room, by Louis Nowra (1982), Knight's Move, by David Foster (1983), Mungo, by Ros Bandt (1992), Poet Without Language, by Roger Dean & Hazel Smith (1993), Passage Sets, by Bill Seaman (1994), and Quito, by Martin Wesley-Smith & Peter Wesley-Smith (1997).

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Phillip Ulman

Phillip Ulman chose to move to radio some years ago following a background in sound recording for film and television. Since then he has specialised in documentary and performance work, music recordings of several kinds, and environmental pieces, including major sound installations. Phillip always takes a very active part in all stages of program-making, taking advantage of changing technologies to expand the range of his creative operational work. He remains devoted to the radio medium and to exploring the evocative potential of acoustics and the language of sound. Phillip's work has often been chosen to represent the ABC at international conferences and competitions. Three CDs of his wildlife soundscapes are available, and other recordings are awaiting release. Prix Italia entries engineered by Phillip that have won or been commended are The Song Room, by Louis Nowra (commended, Fiction, 1982); Beyond Settled Districts (RAI Prize, Documentary, 1989); Meditations and Distractions on the Theme of the Singing Nun, by Moya Henderson (commended, Documentary, 1990); and The Lights of Jericho, by Haya Husseini (Prix Italia, Fiction, 1994).

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Belinda Webster

Belinda Webster has been producing recordings since 1981. Starting as a producer/engineer for Sydney community radio 2MBS-FM, and recording over 2,000 concerts in 12 years, she soon started making recordings for release for the radio's small record label. Having worked as a professional flautist working in Sydney in opera and theatre, her contacts within the music profession, as well as the respect with which her recording work was received, led her to start a record company, Tall Poppies, in late 1991. Addressing a need for high quality recordings of Australian musicians and composers, she has released nearly 200 CDs. She makes most of her recordings herself, operating Tall Poppies as a non-profit one-woman operation. She believes in simple recording techniques, preferring to make natural concert-like recordings with just two well-placed microphones. She has received many awards for her work including the Medal of the Order of Australia. In her occasional spare time she cooks great dinners and indulges herself in swimming and photography.

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