After the Storm

lyric by
Peter Wesley-Smith

set to music (six voices, a cappella) by Martin Wesley-Smith

After the nightmare the waking
After the darkness the dawn
After the bushfire the wakening seed
In torment a child is born

Out of the ashes a phoenix
Out of the blackness a gleam
Out of the silence a whisper of love
Deep in the night a dream

tab Even despair can be leavened by humour
tab Even defeat can bring pride
tab Even in death may be greatness and honour
tab Sorrow and anguish defied

After the flood come the flowers
After the torture the balm
Out of the agony wisdom and hope
After the storm the calm

Amongst the prickles a rose-bud
Amongst the tumult a psalm
Out of our weakness we find a resolve
After the storm the calm

1989, 1999 Peter Wesley-Smith
premiered by The Song Company
in the Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House,
at an East Timor Benefit Concert, Fri Oct 8 1999

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