Welcome to the Shoalhaven MFC Website. Our main flying field is located at the Archer Racecourse, Nowra, on the picturesque South Coast of New South Wales, It offers both the Novice and Experienced model flyer exceptional facilities.

Members of the public are welcome to visit, and Visiting Model Pilots who hold a current FAI Card are welcome to fly at our club. Large models and Turbine models must have a current Permit to Fly Certificate. Main Club flying days are Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (mostly AM only). Floatplane days are usually held on the 2nd Sunday morning of each Month.

Club Notice Board - (last update 19/07/2019). Please note that this Website is undergoing re-construction and will be only be updated to show changes such as committee elections and race dates.

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Members/Visitors, please remember that we are not permitted to enter the racecourse until all horses and transports have left the stables.

Height limit at Archer Field and Fletchers Lane is 400ft.

Have Fun and Fly Safely