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"Never forget how quickly this life will be over- like a flash of summer lightening or the wave of a hand." 

It was Shakespeare who urged, "Give sorrow words". It has been my privilege to share in the last Rite of Passage for the loved ones of over 400 families in recent years. 

Although I would not even suggest that the Funeral Ceremony will mend a grief, I feel it is the point where the cotton is threaded into the needle. 

Creating the life story, of a trusted friend or dear relative is a therapeutic process. The laughter and the tears we all share during this time are cathartic. 

Whether the life has been of a hundred days or a hundred years, it has had a unique purpose. I believe it is my role to explore that purpose and to share those words. To walk quietly beside those who have entrusted this very special time into my hands. 

"Thank you Robyn, for the transcript of . 's funeral service. Your words and quotations were quite beautiful and it is good to be able to reflect on them again away from the sadness of the day. We will lovingly add this to our family 'memory box' ".