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Naming Ceremonies.

Congratulations on preparing to celebrate your child with a special occasion.

A "Naming Ceremony" is a celebration with family and friends, when you and the supporting adults chosen, affirm a commitment to your child, in front of those who mean the most to you. Supporting adults, guardians, mentors, sponsors, which ever term you choose, is a role, which is an honour to those chosen. For your child, it is a bond with an adult who will take a special interest in their development and growth.

A naming ceremony can contain a prayer, spoken or shared, or the ceremony can be non-religious. Either way, this ceremony will in no way inhibit your child from choosing their own path or beliefs as they become adults. The ceremony does however, encourage, an appreciation of family, a respect for others and a delight in nature. Most of all it celebrates the family "community" in which you formally share your child's, FIRST Rite of Passage.

"I have seen a mother at a cot, so I know what love is; I have looked into the eyes of a child, so I know what faith is; I have seen a rainbow so I know what beauty is…"